Modern Family Recap: We Bought a House

This Modern Family hit on some serious family topics hidden in the guise of a mostly jokey episode. Haley’s cold-open comment about a job making you feel actually worth something — "no offense, mom" — isn’t said meanly, or lingered upon, but the pathos is there. Sure enough, midway through the half-hour, we learn that housewife, cause-joiner, and project-spearheader Claire has unsuccessfully applied to five jobs in the past few weeks. She’s spiraling, feeling like a financial non-contributor to her three-child, single-income family. "I went to college, you know? And I just want to be able to contribute to my kids’ education and I want to be able to buy my husband a present with my own money." It makes it sadder, and realer, that Claire’s job hunt hasn’t been a storyline or even something we’ve been privy to until now. She feels awkward, maybe ashamed, about facing up to the idea that stay-at-home-momdom isn’t cutting it for her anymore. She’s unfulfilled. Like I said: Dark. Realistic. Read More...


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