American Horror Story Recap: No Wire Hangers, Ever

Hello, my little inmates. Was it me, or was this kind of a good one?

When we open, my favorite tushy-flasher and yours, Dylan McDermott, is meeting with a hypnotist. And hooray, it's Brooke Smith*!

His name is "Johnny Morgan" and he found her in the Pennysaver. Cool, that's where Jennifer Garner found her baby. Lots of attractive people, finding stuff in the Pennysaver. 

Maybe Brooke Smith can help him not skin and kill pets anymore. Or maybe he'll sew a bunch of their pelts into a sassy suit. What is she, about a size 14 cats?

Then he tells her he can't stop thinking of murdering women and she's all, "Uhhhh." Basically, add a plate of calamari and it's your last OKCupid date. Read More...


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