'Survivor': Was Abi's secret injury to blame for her bad temper?

Abi-Maria Gomes was the breakout villain of "Survivor: Philippines" because of her irascible temper, petulance and bullying, but it turns out she had a secret reason to be cranky: She badly injured her knee early in the game. "I was trying to play it off while I was on the island because I didn't want them to think of me as the weak link," Abi -- voted out at the last Tribal Council -- tells Zap2it. "But when I got back to reality I actually had to go through surgery. That's the reason I was performing so poorly at challenges." The "Survivor" medical team told Abi that to treat her injury, she'd have to be pulled from the game. "I didn't want that to happen. They told me, 'We understand you're in pain, but if you want a knee brace you basically have to be medevac'd.' I said out of question, no way." "I'm not...



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