X Factor Recap: They Have Got to NAIL THIS ONE

It’s the semifinals! There are four acts left in the running for the $5 million prize! You would think that they could get this done in one hour and then show us a couple episodes of Ben & Kate or "Psy’s Down-Home Korean Khristmas" or something, but no. Two full hours of our lives will be spent this way tonight. They begin by telling us how important this show is, and all I can think is "Can you imagine if that were true?" Honestly — what if we were in the U.K., where people talk and place bets and care about this, rather than in the U.S., where there are more reality singing competition shows than there are major airlines? Really, the main thing this show is missing is relevance, and if it would spend 90 percent less time telling us how relevant it is, it might accidentally gain some. Read More...



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