'Scandal' - 'Blown Away' recap: Fool for love

So Huck didn't shoot the president -- which you may have assumed, because as gray an area as the main characters on "Scandal" inhabit, the show would never go that dark.We learned Thursday (Dec. 13), though, who did shoot Fitz -- if not exactly why. It all seems to lead back to the voter fraud that put Fitz in office, but the show is diving deeper and deeper into conspiracy-land (it's adjacent to Shondaland), so it's not yet clear who ordered the hit.What we do know is this: Olivia Pope and Associates is staffed with people who have lots of trouble staying rational when love enters the picture. The real shooter -- via a remote-controlled sniper rifle -- is Huck's AA girlfriend Becky, who's an assassin like Huck and has been setting him up but good. She may even have had actual feelings for him, but that goes out the window -- along with the...



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