'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: A Recipe for Disaster

I can't believe I'm going to quote an intern, but here it goes. "What just happened?" That was courtesy of Stephanie (more on her later) but it applies to almost every storyline of "Run, Baby, Run", the winter finale of Grey's Anatomy. The episode seemingly revolved around Bailey's impending marriage to Ben but in reality became about so much more.

If I Have to Go, You Have to Go

Miranda Bailey is in a state. Freaked out that her first marriage went belly up, she's suffering from a case of cold feet, despite the fact that she and Ben are clearly made for each other. Friends try to intervene. April assures her that patients will be monitored. Not good enough. Callie jokes that she could still run. That was a non-starter, too. Good thing Richard (how I adore Richard...who's with me?) was there to calm the waters. He assured Miranda that her point of view was the mature reaction of an emotionally healthy adult, offered her a surgery to soothe her frayed nerves (a throwback to Cristina and Burke's non-wedding in season three), and even showed up with a limo since he knew she was in no emotional state to drive. He's like a friend, mentor, and father-figure all rolled into one.



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