Burn Notice Review: The Long Painful Road

Is Michael becoming the "Odd Man Out" of his own team?  It felt that way this week, as things continued to go from bad to worse when the struggle to leave the country grew even more complicated.

There have always been moments when Burn Notice has me flashing back to my pre-teen days watching The A-Team. This was one of those episodes.  A van chase, a fire fight, a cheeky villain of the week and our team trapped in a warehouse... the only thing that felt incomplete was that the van never flipped over.  Even the floor of fire and the perils of the giant, industrial fan had me amused.

Although this unit's skills are easily A-Team worthy, the tone of their mission was far more serious. Yes, Vanek would have tortured Schmidt and killed them all without a moments hesitation but that wasn't what gave me pause. The sense of foreboding came from Michael. Read More...



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