Burn Notice Season 6 Review “Odd Man Out” – Going From Bad to Worse

In this episode of Burn Notice, called "Odd Man Out," things just keep on going from bad to worse for Michael, Fi, Sam, Jesse and Maddie.

Okay so you guys remember in last week’s review when I asked how much worse things could get for Michael and the team? That was supposed to be rhetorical question because, come on, things really couldn’t actually get worse, could they? Well, worse they got and then some.

Ever since Michael realized that he and his team (and now his mom) were going to have to go on the run, it’s been like one really long action movie. Often an action movie starts out with a good guy, or maybe a couple of good guys fighting some bad guys, getting into some trouble, getting out of it and then finally triumphing over evil. All of that usually happens in the space of about 90 minutes to 2 hours, tops. But this particular movie is still going strong. We’re, what, three hours or so in and the good guys are still trying to triumph over evil and make their getaway. Read More....



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