Last Resort Season 1 Review “Blue Water”

Last Resort returned tonight with their final episode of 2012, the exciting and fulfilling "Blue Water". With only three more episodes left in this series after tonight, it was important that the winter finale get the audience excited and looking forward to the final three episodes in 2013. After all, with the show not continuing past it’s thirteenth episode, there’s probably plenty of people who would rather not return at all next year and just let tonight’s be their last. Hopefully everybody will stick around ’til the end, especially if the episodes are as exciting as this one!

Tonight’s installment wastes no time getting Sam to the mainland, as Sam and James very quickly get off Sainte Marina in an effort to rescue Christine. They both make it to Manila and they meet up with an old friend of James’ from the Seals. They end up finding and rescuing Christine pretty easily, which leads to a less than enthusiastic reunion between these two star-crossed lovers. You knew the whole time that Sam wasn’t going to end up running away, and the reasons that they gave for him needing to leave Christine kind of made sense, but at this point it’s just irritating that we’ve still barely seen these two together. Read More....


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