Scandal Season 2 Review “Blown Away”

One thing is abundantly clear. The old adage is true that there is no honor among thieves. Especially the thieves on Scandal. It’s very much ‘every man for himself and God for us all.’ There was so much maneuvering, both political and personal, going on this week that I almost got whiplash. There was a lot jam-packed into this hour of television, so let’s get to it.

A few thoughts on "Blown Away":

At the end of last week’s episode, it appeared that Huck had shot Fitz. We found out this week that "Becky" aka Crazy Assassin Chick lured Huck to the hotel. The gun was rigged to be fired remotely as soon as Huck got into the room. Since he’s a trained assassin, what we saw last week was Huck cleaning himself out of the scene before he ran to home base aka Olivia’s office. This was really Hucks episode. We found out more about how Huck feels and what he thinks than we have in almost the entire series. I gotta say, I felt bad for the guy. Huck has spent his life isolated. No friends. No family. Not even a name. Nothing. It wasn’t until Olivia found him that he found a place to belong. But even at Pope and Associates Huck didn’t feel like anyone there truly understood him. It wasn’t until he found "Becky" that he thought he’d found someone who GOT him. Someone who truly understood who he is. Huck opened up to Becky in a way that he hasn’t ever opened up to anyone else, including Olivia. In truth, "Becky" did GET Huck. That’s why it was so easy for her to set him up. Yes, they are the same, but it was more than that. She was able to play on his long-buried insecurities and sense of longing to find out all she needed to know about him. But even after she had him where she wanted him, she took the last thing she could take from him. She took his family. She took his hope. And then, after she’d taken all of that. She took his freedom. I don’t believe that "Becky" ever had any real intention of running away with Huck. How long could they have lasted really? One thing that was readily apparent was just how much love blinds you to the truth. Harrison, Abby, and Quinn showed Huck the truth of what was going on. That "Becky" wasn’t kidnapped and it had all been a set-up, but because he was so blinded by love (or his version of it) he couldn’t see it. He wouldn’t see it. Even after he went to her apartment and saw the truth for himself, he still believed, if only for a moment, that they could be together. Ultimately, "Becky" didn’t have to turn Huck in. Verna did it. Read More...


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