Glee Season 4 Episode 10 Review “Glee, Actually”

I’ve never been a huge fan of the annual Glee Christmas episode, and ‘Glee, Actually’ isn’t any different. Split into five scenarios a la Love Actually, we follow apparently unconnected stories before being punched in the face with festivity in the final moments.

The first is an It’s a Wonderful Life-esque dream sequence from Artie, whose feeling frustrated with hiswheelchair after slipping on some unsalted ice outside the school. This could have been given more time, and feels horribly rushed as it is, but it’s also pretty unbearable. Since when was Artie the ‘glue’ that held the glee club together? As it’s his own dream, I guess this is just how Artie sees himself and, bah humbug’s aside, it says a lot about his character. They also brought Rory back, and then said something a little bit racist – oh joy! Read More...


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