It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8 Review “The Gang Dines Out”

On the latest episode of "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia," it was concept episode time yet again, as the gang took on their version of the art house classic, "My Dinner with Andre" in "The Gang Dines Out." (Interestingly, so did "The League" on their first episode of the night of two in "Our Dinner with Andre.") The results were overall pretty mixed, but all in all, it was actually one of their better concept pieces this season, maybe even their best, despite an overall lack of overtly funny lines.

That’s not to say it was funny, though. Just that the emphasis wasn’t on funny lines so much as the inherent hilarity of the scenario. Basically everyone showed up apart from one another at the same restaurant, Gugino’s. At one table, you had Frank and Charlie, celebrating their anniversary of moving in together in style, complete with Frank’s sporting of a hilariously bad toupee. Read More...


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