The League Season 4 Review “”Our Dinner with Andre” and “12/12/12”

After last week’s hit-and-miss double dose of "The League," I questioned the logic of doing another two weeks in a row, but it turns out the second time was the charm for the boys- and the girls, for that matter. This time the ongoing storylines bled nicely into on another, resulting in some of the funnier moments of the season, with able assists from Deion Sanders and especially guest star and erstwhile Sports Illustrated cover-girl Brooklyn Decker, who was funnier in her short tenure on this show than she was in the entirety of "Just Go with It." Of course, her swimsuit did most of the acting there, so we’ll let her slide. First up was "Our Dinner with Andre."

Decker excelled as the former- and current- Mean Girl that terrorized Pete in high school, not only turning him down when he asked her to prom, but dragging him into the cafeteria so that she could loudly ridicule him in front of everyone for even asking in the first place. It turned out she was none other than Frank "The Body" Gibiatti’s sister, Gina, who was so hot her own gynecologist married her, or, as Ruxin put it: "That guy stares at vagina all day long and he chose that one…cause it’s the best." Read More...


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