Person of Interest Season 2 Review “Shadow Box”

This week’s Person of Interest was one of the strongest of the season. There was an interesting storyline for the person of interest, Abby Monroe. Monroe worked for a charity helping military families, in large part because her younger brother was killed in action. During her time there, she meets a former Marine and explosives expert, Shane Coleman. Coleman and Monroe discover that the charity is in fact driving military service people out of their homes and pocketing a serious amount of cash. They decide to steal the money and return it to those who lost it. This Robin Hood storyline wipes away the fact that Monroe and Coleman are criminals. Thus, it is not surprising when Reese decides to help them instead of stop them.

The weakest part of the episode was the FBI storyline. The FBI returns in search of the man in the suit and asks Carter to assist. I suspend my disbelief in order to buy into the show’s premise that there is a machine that spits out Social Security numbers of people in danger. I hit a mental speed bump, though, when they insert something that is completely absurd. From that moment forward, I am pulled out of the show. Last night, it was when the FBI approaches Carter about a temporary assignment that might become a permanent position. Read More...


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