The Vampire Diaries delivered their first ever holiday-themed episode this week and they did it in style – with a Christmas massacre!

This was a very cool episode and did a great job of fixing an issue this season has had by so strongly reestablishing Klaus as a villain. Whenever you keep your big, terrible villain around past one season or so on a TV show – and even tease them as a potential love interest for a pre-existing character – you’re going to make them less threatening than they were initially. And Klaus has spent most of this season in an alliance with Stefan, even if it’s a mutually beneficial one.

But seeing a sword-wielding Klaus tear apart those twelve hybrids, complete with multiple decapitations, hearts being ripped out and other mayhem? To the tune of "Oh Holy Night", no less? Pretty damn cool and instantly reminds us, oh yes, this guy is very, very dangerous and deadly. Read More...


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