Christmas came to the Big Bang Theory this week, and the guys and girls chose to ring in the holidays in very different ways. The guys embarked on an epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure, because really, it's not Christmas if you aren't rolling for initiative and shooting your magic rod all over some goblin's ass. Or so Raj would put it. Meanwhile, Penny and the other girls, being the haters of all things nerdy, decided to hit the bars instead. Both halves of this episode provided some solid entertainment, even if the latter portion never felt like it had the room it needed to fully breathe.

It was nothing if not bold for the writers to attempt to frame an episode around the concept of a group of nerds embarking on an imaginary role playing adventure. Community already did that with the episode "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons," and the results were characteristically brilliant. The Big Bang Theory is not Community. So the D&D adventure was more of a loose framing device in this case. Leonard's decision to spice up his campaign with a few Christmas elements was a clever touch, particularly as it sparked a holiday transformation in Sheldon. Read More...


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