Gossip Girl Recap Recap: The Orange Has Fallen

From creepy nightmares to a death scene that appeared to be the human reenactment of cartoon lions Mufasa and Scar, Gossip Girl's penultimate episode was an enormous fall from last week's more promising episode. This week, we were welcomed into the UES through Blair's dream, which showed a dolled-up Chair actually touching through a sensual "no-hand-orange" game. But the happy moment promptly turned into a nightmare when a bespectacled, orange-skinned Bart Bass popped up and aggressively tried to wrangle the said orange — of all fruits — from Queen B's neck. Post-nightmare, the episode swiftly chronicled the UES's favorite evil pop's demise into a town-car abducting, non-blinking, girl-problems-chatting omnipresent maniac who even rolled out choice phrases like, "Well done, young grasshopper." Other memorable moments: NJBC joined forces at the Oak Room for about two seconds until Nate got sent to prison; forever Lonely Boy bought a place in Serena's building to pine after her for life; Bart exiled Chuck; Blair assembled a team of bitches; Chuck beat death and immediately wore a tux; and Bart fell off a building. Read More...



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