Did Not See it Coming: South Park is Truly Genius

OMG that was one of the best episodes of SP I've ever seen. I didn't see the "rape" coming at all; figured it was Cartman that got bent. But wow! Anyone else think the animation is better this season?



Large newrachelimage
Oct 9, 2008 11:32PM EDT

Animation looks about the same to me (at least as in some of the more recent seasons), but I agree that this episode will go down as one of the classics.Trey Parker and Matt Stone are always so relevant!And...the funniest part of it all is this: Lucas in 'Think Mode' for Indiana Jones 5Oh...and some claimed that this episode went too far, but seeing as I payed 12 bucks or whatever to see Indy 4 in theaters...I think they deserved whatever skewering they got! What a piece of crap!

Large 1399754901 014
Oct 10, 2008 8:42AM EDT

i also thought that it would be Cartman that got rapedthat episode was hillarious!poor Butters though...

Default avatar cat
Oct 10, 2008 1:42PM EDT

lol lol, funny episode, sad it was based on true events, not the chinease thing, i am not racist lol still funny though

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Oct 10, 2008 4:59PM EDT

I have to say that the George Lucas & Steven Speilberg Raping of Indiana Jones was pure genius. That movie didn't need to be so bad and the fact they got on them about it may be a wack up call for the director's to make some more quality work. I loved every minute of the episode and I hope it gives them second thoughts about making another Indie film like that one.

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Oct 10, 2008 5:45PM EDT

Interestingly Enough, it's DVD release date is 10/14/08, which is next Tuesday. Planned by South Park creators to curb DVD sales? Me thinks it's possible.

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Oct 11, 2008 1:26AM EDT

Really? Genius? really? now mind you... i've been waiting for this mid season premiere for over 5 months. i am a DIEHARD WITH A VENGEANCE South Park fan but after watching this episode, i felt a little raped myself. I did not laugh ONCE! not a giggle... not a hehe... nothing! i thought it was clever. Especially when you find out its Indy who got the ol' rape shaft but really? genius? i dont think so. far from it. then there was the Oh-So-Easy Racist jokes... Meh. "Dude you dont shoot a guy in the dick" wasnt funny the first time, wasnt funny the fourth time. same goes for the rape scenes. Guess the saying holds true... Rape isnt funny, unless you're raping a clown. After waiting nearly six months for this episode... Mr Parker and Mr Stone should autorape their asses with rusty sharp metal phallic objects while pouring tabasco sauce into each others gaping asshole.

Default avatar cat
Oct 22, 2008 8:27PM EDT

Wow lexicon hard to please, this episode was a little weak but it was still very funny indiana rapes scenes where hilarious as was butters shooting people in the dick, but the thing that pleased me least about your post was the Diehard with a vengeance bit, worst of the die hard movies (excluding the one which doesnt count) using that to compare your like to south park must convey you don't like it, i on the other hand am a DIE HARD 1 south park fan, the episode was good, stop complaining

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