Saturday Night Live Recap: Martin Short Hosts Wonderful Christmastime Show

It feels weird and incorrect to evaluate this week's cold open along with the rest of the segments. In a touching — and not at all mandatory — moment, the show opened simply with the New York Children's Chrous singing two pristine verses of "Silent Night." It was a touching nod to Newtown, CT and to the national mood at the moment, as the usual feel-good sentiments like children and the holidays have an extra air of melancholy to them for now.

Good, classy decision by the show, and the fact that it prefaced one of the more unexpectedly great episodes of the season was even better. I confess I wasn't sure what to expect out of Martin Short. I was trying to think of the last time I'd seen him perform in any capacity, and beyond the laugh-riot season of Damages he was on (and Emmy-nominated for, but still), the last time I saw him do comedy was that one Arrested Development. And it wasn't great. Read More...


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