TV REVIEW: Homeland - What Will Carrie Do For Kicks Now?

After the antics of last week's episode - the death of Walden, the capture and release of Carrie after some face time with Abu Nazir - this week's episode all seemed a bit... pedestrian, with the world's most wanted terrorist reduced to doing his own donkey work with a torch and some karate chops - a bit unbecoming for this previously enigmatic, international man of mischief.

Has Carrie lost her raison d'etre, now her biggest villain is no more?

Until just as quickly, it was all over, with Nazir lying on a sheet, blood oozing, Carrie's will-to-power and life purpose evaporated in a puff of gunfire, and Brody's reaction to the loss of his former tormentor a complex mixture of acting goodies in the hands of actor Damian Lewis. Read More...


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