Could anyone make it thru Episode 3 of Fringe?

I consider myself a well rounded Sci-Fi geek thanks to my Uncle Chris who gave me old copies of his Issac Asimov weekly novel magazine (they looked just like Reader's Digest). Since then I have been hooked.

As for Fringe, I watched the pilot earlier this year, like April, and loved it. The 2nd Episode was very enjoyable as well, and I was worried that it wouldn't be able to live up to the pilot. However, last night I found myself yawning and totally loosing interest. I think I started texting a friend in the middle of it and didn't care that I was missing the show.

What's the deal? Am I the only one who felt this way? What went wrong with last night's episode?


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Sep 24, 2008 1:33PM EDT

just a blip from the norm, dont lose confidence in
this shows averaging 10 mil a week which is very good 4 a niche scifi etc

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Sep 24, 2008 1:34PM EDT

asimov makes a gr8 read
if u like scifi books try the dark fields- its soon being made in 2 a movie

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RachelL Editor
Sep 24, 2008 1:42PM EDT

I am with you, jackieu. I was getting bored with it; in fact...I was bored last week too.Also, I'm normally not a stickler for scientific accuracy on TV, but some of the stuff that they are stating as fact is just so beyond ridiculous that I can't help but laughing.But in general...I kind of feel like these plotlines are not entirely memorable. I had to think for a minute about what last night's episode was even about!People have been comparing this show to The X-Files a lot; in addition to all of the obvious other JJ Abrams comparisons (I keep seeing some Alias...Massive Dynamic = SD6 anyone?)...this show is striking me more and more like a poor man's Outer Limits (bizarro individually contained cases on a week by week basis). In fact, I'd venture to say that we've seen many of these plotlines on The Outer Limits (I am referring to the newer Outer Limits from a few years ago, but I imagine the old one even more so...)

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Sep 24, 2008 1:49PM EDT

i think its just cuz there are so many unanswered questions that obviously can't be answered so early in the season so automatically people are getting anxious and less interested. i like the show and i think its doing ok for its 3rd episode, i wish there were more scenes where its not about the case but more about the people, like in Numbers they always had that scene at the end where there would be a family dynamic.

Sep 24, 2008 2:54PM EDT

That's a good point on the unanswered questions being an issue of keeping viewers interested. I didn't start watching Lost until it was a few seasons in, so I got to watch a bunch of episodes at once, making my interest hang on very well.
I'm wondering, to you Lost fans who started watching when it first started airing, did it feel much like Fringe is feeling as far as maybe these unanswered questions are dragging out too much over the weeks?

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Sep 24, 2008 6:48PM EDT

i have to agree with you there, i became frustrated with Lost after season 1 because of the many unanswered questions and its slow pace that i didnt watch it again until season 3 started. i think its the ame with fringe. another problem that fringe has is that its so similar to te x files etc. so the 'big' secret is very much generic and predictable; i hope they put a whole new spin on this 'alien' thing because it think its a pretty good show.

Sep 24, 2008 9:32PM EDT

I'm just confused. There seems to be too many characters doing too many things. I didn't think it was a great episode and i have loved the first two. I hope it doesn't turn into another lost where the questions completely overtake it. I like programs that make you think for the benefit of the story and not completely confuse you. Here's hoping number 4 will be clearer and better.

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Sep 24, 2008 10:31PM EDT

just finished episode 3
professor has some hilarious lines
anna torv too cold
episode flags in middle
average episode not as good as first 2
the plot has similarities 2 that guy from heroes who can paint the future
will continue watching though

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Sep 25, 2008 5:46AM EDT

I couldn't even make it past the pilot!!

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Sep 27, 2008 2:30PM EDT

Why shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction, after all, has to make sense.Mark Twain

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