The End Of Our Bipolar Relationship With 'Homeland' ... For Now

Don't read on unless the you have seen "The Choice," the Season 2 finale of "Homeland."

Note: Before I get into my review, I must acknowledge that it was impossible to watch the "Homeland" finale without thinking of the real-life tragedy that occurred in Connecticut on Friday. A mass death, grieving survivors, prayers, panic and horror -- those were all part of the fictional story of the finale, but what occurred in Newtown wasn't fiction. All those events were heartbreakingly, terrifyingly real, and no doubt they were at or near the forefront of our minds during the last few days. I don't pretend to possess the eloquence or insight that would allow me to write about those connections in any depth. I just wanted to acknowledge the inescapable thoughts the finale no doubt brought to mind, as well as the great sadness we all feel about the events in Newtown. I will leave it to those more eloquent than me to discuss the parallels between real life and "Homeland's" fiction; I will confess I don't think I'm up to the task.

It was always about drones.

Almost everyone in "Homeland" has been piloted by something or someone else, at one time or another. Some other force guides them, and what's scary is how often they want to give in. The lack of will can be an attractive option in a world of hard choices and painful conundrums.

Carrie has spent much of the past two seasons cycling between drone-like states, in which something else took full or partial control of her rational mind. At times, her illness or her passion for Nicholas Brody drove her. Both offered a kind of relief in surrender. Read More...


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