The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Wedlock and Headlocks

If you’re like me, you could not handle one more piece of terrible news this week and were greatly looking forward to this episode. Nene (the only celebrity I pay attention to on Twitter) promised that this week would be explosive, and unlike Kim, she did not lie on us.

We’re still in Anguilla, and picking up right where we left off — with Kenya propositioning Phaedra for an imaginary birthday threesome with her husband. Phaedra — who in a past season lied about how far along she was in her pregnancy so her minister mother wouldn’t figure out she had sex before her wedding — was NOT having any of it. She is a PROPER SOUTHERN LADY Y’ALL, and knows from studying scripture that threesomes always end in one person doing a LOT more receiving than giving. While Phaedra was tearing Kenya down for even insinuating Apollo should have sex with her friends, Nene was casually calling bullshit on Kenya and Walter’s entire relationship. "Is your relationship real?" Kenya said her relationship was "fine, and my business," which is not exactly a stirring denial. Nene declares herself a good judge of character, and based on your comments last week about Walter hitting the airwaves to say he and Kenya were only in a relationship for the camera, I’m inclined to agree. Of course, Cynthia, deep in conversation with Porsha, ALSO has to now declare that she finds Kenya and Walter’s relationship odd, because the Earth would spin off its axis if she didn’t immediately copy or validate something Nene said or did. Read More...


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