'Survivor: Philippines' winner Denise Stapley on Abi's 'shocking' vote, Malcolm's betrayal and outing Lisa

After warming a seat in every single Tribal Council this season on "Survivor: Philippines", Denise Stapley received the votes that mattered most, claiming the title of Sole Survivor and the million-dollar prize. Zap2it caught up with one of the toughest women in the history of the show, who is still dazed about her "surreal" win. Were you truly surprised -- did you think one of the others would win? I've never allowed myself to think this is going to happen. There was lots of doubt, from that last Tribal Council. Initially I had this feeling like, "OK, I think I have it." I've had months to think and rethink -- [and I thought there's no way that Abi would vote for me. And yet your nemesis sided with you over her original tribemates! Abi's vote really shocked me. I knew it wouldn't be Skupin after she had lovingly called him an idiot and a moron,...



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