Season 2 Premiere of Dirty Sexy Money

Okay I was very much into this show prior to the Writer Strike of 2007, and if you ask me, that strike may have done this show in. I liked Nick because of his philanthropic endeavors, his sudden loss of his father, the attempt to balance the Darlings with what is really important to him and the love affair he seemed to have with Lisa. I wasn't too enchanted with the Darlings; I mean they are all so selfish spoiled brats, but you expect that from wealthy characters. But we seemed to feel for Leticia and her secret about Nick's father, Dutch, as the father of Brian. We felt for the twins and their attempt to make their own way in life away from the Darling name. We even liked Mr. Darling himself (I mean how can you hate Donald Sutherland?) despite all his manipulations of the people around him.

So you would expect the writers, who had ample time to perfect the storyline, to actually produce a decent re-emergence into the Darlings' lives. UH, was I disappointed. Really it was bad enough that I may not give it another shot.

We find out that the season opens 6 months from where it left off. Brian has left the church behind and is doing Trip's dirty work, and enjoys it. Karen is sleeping with Simon Elder, for her father, to discover his secrets. Patrick's wife is a drunk. Juliet Darling is no where to be found and Jeremy is consumed by a love for Nick's wife, Lisa. Did I leave anyone out? OH, Nick, who seems to be on the verge of diving head first into the Darling pool, is still constantly facilitating releases, cover-ups, and dysfunction all the way around.

I don't by that Lisa gives Nick up to spend time with Jeremy? Uh! Really, Lisa is supposed to be a kind of smart woman? Jeremy over Nick? And what kind of father would enlist his own daughter to sleep with his enemy? Patrick's wife tries to kill him? Well, okay, I kind of understand where she is coming from, but instead they kill her off? And it's an innocent death, but yet Pat and Trip cover it up? I know I know, gotta save that senate run. She already shot him once and the public knows about Carmelita, so what's the damage? And what is up with Lucy Lu (kiss of death)? Can you say Jump the Shark?

This show will be lucky to get another 1/2 season under it's belt before it's canceled if they don't give us some characters with redeeming qualities. I think this show is too dark and elitist for a mainstream audience. I'm watching next week's episode to make sure, but I'm pretty well over this one.



Default avatar cat
Oct 3, 2008 6:45PM EDT

I didn't like the fact that they just completly ignored Juliet not being on the show anymore(maybe they can have her do a guest app later in the season), I also didn't like that the show sometimes gets a little too soap operish. But other than that the premiere was pretty solid(I like the cliffhanger).

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Oct 5, 2008 8:56PM EDT

I can see Lisa having a little battle in her mind over Nick and George. She is loosing her husband and Jeremy is there. He is sweet, caring and charming. In a lot of ways what I imagine a younger, less weighed down Nick must have been like. The premiere was ok and I will definately be watching the next episode.
Give it a chance to get back into the swing!

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Oct 21, 2008 9:15AM EDT

i think the show was heading in this direction last year before the writer's strike. if you remember correctly nick was spending so much time working that lisa found a friend and new confidant in jeremy which developed into something more springing from her loneliness and his broken heart. nick was getting deeper and deeper in with the darlings but still somehow maintains his sense of wariness which is expected the more he gets involved. pat's wife had to be sent away somehow she was a loose end. karen sleeping with simon we all knew would end bad since of course simon had to know. that guy knows everything and plays everyone. trip doing horrible things was always a given, we have just been given more of a glimpse into his realm. yet, he still manages to seem genuine and likeable. brian working for the company was inevitable since his split from his wife and the church and since all he wants is trip's approval. leticia murdering nick's father seemed to be an easy guess that the police would try that. i agree that lucy liu's character is ridiculous and jump the shark. also the actress who played juliet i heard went off to rehab (don't know if true), however they should have explained her leaving better than she's on an island.

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