The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Review “The Santa Simulation” – Take That, Jolly Old Elf!

In order to force Sheldon into the Christmas spirit, Leonard arranged a night of holiday-themed Dungeons & Dragons in "The Santa Simulation," this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. For a minute it seemed like Leonard and Howard would actually be independent, free-thinking creatures who felt comfortable in their desire to spend a night gaming instead of being led around by their women, but by the end it was clear that they had made the "wrong" choice and should have chosen sex over friendship.

Am I being harsh? I want to make it clear that I still love these characters and, for the most part, this show (despite all its flaws), but I can certainly see why there’s such a growing backlash against it. It just seems like the guys are constantly having to apologize for being who they are and liking what they like. I wish they could all be like Sheldon and just not give a damn, but more than that, I wish it didn’t matter to Penny or Bernadette or even Amy that their boyfriends and husbands might want to do something that doesn’t involve their breasts. Read More...


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