Fringe Season 5 Review “Black Blotter”

Generally speaking, I don’t tend to assign a lot of larger meaning to the television shows I watch. I understand some shows have points they want to make about various societal interests, but I tend to assign more interest into the mechanics of the show. How the show is shot, written, directed, and acted is of greater importance to me than the "message". As a result, I will tend either to disregard a show’s deeper meaning, or use it as part of a snarky joke if I wasn’t particularly fond of an episode. For several episodes this season, Fringe has been one of those shows for me. I’ve complained about the pacing, writing, and plotting of the show at various points throughout the season. I found myself more interested in the dark turn of the show than the promise of our heroes winning in the end. That being said, I think a show like Fringe is exactly what was needed on a day like today. Read More...


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