Homeland Season 2 Review “The Choice” Season Finale

Never have I felt this way about a television show in my life. When the camera faded out as Saul looked at Carrie, the credits began to roll. I watched every single one of the credits as if they were going to give me the answers that I sought. No luck there. Once the final credit appeared on the screen, I went to sit in a dark, silent room and think for several minutes. It appears as though there were no answers in there, either. I stared at the blank page on my computer screen, but I was forced to face the truth: I’m completely confused.

I’m confused by a number of things both plot-related and writing choices-related. I, like anyone else who’s remotely interested in this show, spent the entire week discussing, reading, and sifting through different theories about Homeland. Yes, the show had indeed ran astray from us, but it had a final opportunity to tie up everything in a satisfactory way that both brought an end to several storylines and set up some new ones for next season. Where I went wrong was setting in my mind exactly what I thought should/would happen. That’s entirely my fault considering that Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon seem to make their show in an effort to run contrary to what it seems like we are seeing on screen. All of the evidence (to me at least) screamed that a Brody turn was coming, and a larger terror attack was in play. Finally, Brody had to go. There wasn’t a middle ground. Read More...



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