Survivor: Philippines Review “The Million Dollar Question”

Well, here we are folks! I’m surrounded by my family and loved ones, we’re enjoying our Survivorthemed snacks, and we’re all getting ready to watch our 25th season finale "The Million Dollar Question". So who’s going to take the million bucks and the title of Sole Survivor? Will it be Skupin, the only remaining returning player? Could it be Lisa, the teen star who’s had some crazy ups and downs? Can it be Malcolm, the golden boy that’s dominated the challenges and made lots of friends on the jury? Or will it be Denise, the only player in Survivor history who’s been to every single tribal council? Read on to find out!

After the final four comes back to the camp to do a little jig in celebration of Abi’s elimination, we quickly get to the very impressive reward challenge. It was a very impressive challenge, and quite fun to watch, but I was surprised that the winner didn’t actually win any physical reward. They usually offer an advantage in the immunity challenge and an actual reward of some kind. Not like Malcolm was going to complain over winning an advantage in the final immunity challenge, but still! Read More...


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