1600 Penn Interview: Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman and Josh Gad On Playing a Presidential Family

The cast of NBC’s upcoming comedy, 1600 Penn are excited for audiences to see the hijinks of President Dale Gilchrest and his dysfunctional First Family. TV Equals was happy to be a part of a conference call with Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman and Josh Gad. Read below to see what you can expect from the show.

Political issues in 1600 Penn

Gad said that while 1600 Penn will loosely address some political hot-button issues, the majority of the show will focus on the family unit.

"Well, in the pilot, one of the characters expresses an interest in the same sex, but, you know, like all of the issues we address on the show, the show itself is not very politically motivated and that’s not our intention," he said. "Our intention is to do a story about a dysfunctional family who happens to be the most famous… in the United States in America. And while it touches on politics, it’s sort of a backdrop and not at the forefront of any of the storylines." Read More...



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