Him & Her Series 3 Review “The Proposal”

After the sweet nothingness of last week’s Him & Her, more might have happened in ‘The Proposal’ than has happened during the series’ entire run. For a show famous for its uneventful-ness, we sure do get through a lot of life-altering events.

As can be deduced from the episode’s title, Steve finally gets around to proposing to Becky. With an (over)planned night of food, cheap cider and box-sets lain out in front of them, you just know that their friends and family will be storming in to ruin the moment. And they do, as Shelly brings around a drunk and disorderly Laura and their night instantly goes to hell. With Shelly in the flat, Dan is never far behind, and Paul soon arrives with his ‘Pilates friend’ Graham to deal with his fiancé and future baby-momma. Read More...



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