DollhouseTvForum interviews Tahmoh Penikett!

Recently the staff had the amazing opportunity to interview the very talented man, Tahmoh Penikett.

Can you tell us what it is like to work on Dollhouse with the highly respected man that is Joss Whedon?

It's been great so far. I've lept tall buildings, over turned cars

and had amazing gun battles...ok, maybe not but i wouldn't put anything past Joss.

I think what impresses me the most about the man other than his

tremendous brain is how professional and level he is on set. He's

obviously dealing with a million difference things at once but he always seems to juggle everything with the same coolness and energy. His multi tasking is the most impressive, i've seen him go from writing a new scene in his head, to directing the next set up, to handling a network phone call and back to a conversation with me about.. hockey, of course and all in the span of two minutes.

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