'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Desperately seeking attention! Faye Resnick attacks Brandi Glanville

Monday's (Dec. 17) episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" resumed moments after last week's explosive ending, with Adrienne and Paul walking out of Kyle and Maurcio's party. Alliances shifted as a result of Brandi's revelation of Adrienne's shocking secret. Kyle attacks Kim for telling Adrienne at the soiree, but Camille sides with Kim. Mauricio is furious with Brandi, defending his men-in-heels buddy, while Taylor, while not actually supporting Brandi, tries to steal the spotlight and paint herself as a terrified victim of Paul's aggression. Ironically, Taylor also resurrects Camille's tea-party revelation about her abusive husband, the late Russell Armstrong -- not really comparable, considering that Taylor made no secret of her domestic violence, before Camille voiced it while the Bravo cameras were rolling. Another mystery: Who is Brandi's escort to this party? He's kind of creepy. Lisa, spared the fracas by her husband Ken's hip-replacement surgery, is exasperated by her demanding patient. Even...



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