Jessica Chastain on Zero Dark Thirty’s Torture Scenes, Shooting in Jordan, and Full Burkas

In Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain plays Maya, a powerhouse CIA tracker so focused on her goal of finding Osama bin Laden that she angrily keeps track on her boss's glass door just how many days have passed since they found his probable location. (Nothing says "do something" like dry-erase marker.) The actress wasn't able to meet her real-life counterpart — she's still undercover — but she found ways inside the character's mindset, such as plastering her hotel room with photocopies of terrorist faces, "the way Maya would have done." Now that she's gotten it out of her system, Chastain was happy to chat with Vulture about all the swearing, crying, and soul-searching that went into what she calls her toughest part to date. Read More...


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