NCIS Review: Be It Ever So Humble...

This is hands down one of the best NCIS episodes this season.  And it was almost exclusively the Tony show too.  So many things to talk about.

In "You Better Watch Out", the team was called in to investigate the death of an unemployed Navy husband.  As it turns out had been stockpiling new unreleased $100 bills, and running up enormous debts in the meantime.  Only he ended up trying to use a few of them before he was supposed to, which turned out to be very bad for his health.

Since the crime involved currency, the Secret Service had to step in, in the person of one Special Agent by the name of Ashley Winter.  Though she seems entirely narcissistic (as evidenced by the fact she's clawing her way to the top of her career), I really hope we see her again.  In fact, you have to wonder if maybe she might prove to be a good romantic foil for DiNozzo.  Gas on fire perhaps?

The bigger surprise was a visit by Tony Sr., who blithely chose to bunk with his son instead of staying at a hotel.  End result:  we got to learn so much more about them both. Read More..


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