Storage Wars Season 3 Review “Tustin, Bee Have a Problem” & “Portrait of the Gambler”

Storage Wars returned tonight with another chunk of two episodes amid a lot of off-air drama involving Dave Hester’s lawsuit against A&E. It’s tough not to feel a little bitter towards Hester over all of these frustrating legal issues, but maybe episodes like the ones tonight will help ease his transition off our TV. If he’s always going to be this cocky and irritating, maybe we’re better off without him. Sure, he’s always been a bit obnoxious, but tonight I feel like he was especially bad. Is A&E painting him in a bad light because of all of this legal drama? Or am I just reading too much into it?

Speaking of Mr. Hester, Dave got the first unit dropped on him for a sizable $3,400. He then, surprisingly, bought unit #2 for $1,700 for a total investment of $5,100. We rarely see our bidders win two lockers in the same day, so this was a bit odd. What’s even more strange is that Dave has veryquestionable technique for valuing his stuff. He always says things like "a couple hundred bucks for that" and "those boxes there probably are $100 each". His total value always jumps up exponentially, and you just know he’s not going to sell all that for the amount he says he will. I’d love for the show to catch up with him and find out if he’s actually sold that stuff for those amounts. Then he brags about how much money he "made" to our fan favorite Barry, and it just makes it even more frustrating. He ends up making a "profit" of $6,280, but in reality I’d be surprised if he even makes back enough money on those units to cover his original investment. Read More....


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