Vegas Season 1 Review “Estinto”

Estinto is an Italian musical term that means extinguished. It means to make the notes barely audible. Definitely something Vegas does best.

A few thoughts about "Estinto":

The case of the week was a contractor, Del, who got himself murdered. He was the biggest contractor in Vegas, and he was working on some casinos for Vince. They got into a disagreement about the costs, and the next morning the contractor was found murdered in a cement mixer. Initially, Lamb and Co. thought that it was a mob hit until the coroner told them that Del was both bludgeoned and strangled. Ralph and Jack found a letter from a man who threatened to kill Del, but when they went to interview the man, they found that Del built Japanese internment camps during the war, and the man who threatened to kill him was the father of a little girl who died as a direct result of being held in one of those camps. That man didn’t actually kill Del though. Ultimately, Ralph and Jack figured out that Del’s wife and his business partner conspired together because Del found religion after his encounter with the Japanese man. Del had planned to sell the business and give all his money to a church, so the wife and the business partner killed him and stuffed him in the cement mixer. Read More...


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