The X Factor Recap: It's The End Of The World and I Feel Drowsy

You guys, The X Factor is almost over! Or, for the overwhelming majority of you who never bothered to check it out: The X Factor started, managed to make 13 weeks feel like an eternity while still somehow seeming rushed, and is now in its final week. And if you think you’re ambivalent about it, you should see the judges and hosts. Holy cow, are there some aloof-ass line readings tonight. America is in the throes of singing-competition fatigue, and the paid on-camera faces of this show are tied for the title of Patient Zero.

And it’s a shame, because they accidentally found a pretty interesting group of singers this season. All of them return for a show-opening tribute to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting, and I’m honestly happy to see the ones that I can remember. Beatrice, wearing a simple white shirt and jeans, instead of a Pendleton outlet’s worth of flannel! Emblem3, dressed like Rebel fighters on the ice planet Hoth! Tattoo Face! Animal-Print Face! Others! It’s touching, because it can’t not be. But what does it mean? When they impose the words "You are not alone, we are here with you" on the JumboTron, what are they saying? Are they making some kind of huge donation to a charity, which is a thing they could do with ease? Or can anyone affected by the tragedy just, like, call up LA Reid and vent? I don’t mean to be flippant; I seriously want to know the one constructive thing that the tribute accomplished that saves it from being a crass, exploitative cash-in. I want to believe*. Read More..


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