Burn Notice Review: ... And Into The Fire

The second hour of the Burn Notice Season 6 finale (Read my review of "You Can Run" now) certainly didn't pull any punches. If I hated Riley before, "Game Change" proved that there was more room to add some dislike. 

When Riley promised to chase Michael to the ends of the earth to get him, I didn't realize that the ends of the earth were in Miami. Did anyone else find it funny that Michael finally left the city on a boat only to be stopped by the Coast Guard he called? 

I admit that I was surprised that super agent Riley actually went to the dark side and contracted with the enemy to have Michael and the gang killed. Once I got past the shock, I realized it gave Michael the opening he needed to clear his name, especially if his "friend" CSS Agent Bly (Alex Carter) was willing to help.  Read More...



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