Private Practice Season 6 Review “Georgia On My Mind” – Down But Not Out

At last, it was time for an episode all about Charlotte in the character-centered final episodes ofPrivate Practice.

Even though I’ve grown tired of the character-focused episodes, I knew that an hour of Charlotte would at least bring a few really good laughs. Whereas Cooper’s episode featured more reality tv-like personal confessions, Charlotte’s episode was a journey inside witty, outspoken doctor’s mind.

As expected, being confined to a bed plus an onslaught of annoying visitors resulted in Charlotte’s understandably cranky disposition. If there was one consistent theme of the entire episode, it was thatCharlotte might be lying down in a bed but she is certainly not out of it. The first person to learn that lesson was Cooper, who wanted to name their first triplet. Charlotte was adamant about not naming her daughter until she had an opportunity to meet her. A less than well-intentioned hospital suit also learned this lesson when suggesting that Charlotte relinquish some of her Chief of Staff duties. Read More...


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