Chicago Fire Season 1 Review “Merry Christmas, Etc.,”: Thugs, Drugs, Jail and A Horrific Cliffhanger

What an episode, am I right? The three main storylines during this episode were so explosive, I don’t know where to begin. Also, Herrmann’s next foray into entrepreneurship–a limo service–seems like it’s going to lead him into some sort of financial trouble similar to the one Otis bailed him out of earlier in the season. Let’s get started with this week’s rather tense episode, shall we?

Cruz protects his brother at all costs: Cruz has been stressing about raising $10,000 for the head thug wanting retribution for letting Cruz’s brother Leon go. During the first run of the show–a kitchen fire in a really ritzy home–the woman who called them thinks one of the firemen stole her $50,000 diamond necklace. One would obviously think it was Cruz. Turns out that during the investigation of the engine crew (and with some help from Otis), it’s found out that the woman–Sandra Vaughn–and her husband Richard are in debt and were engaging in insurance fraud. Also, after Casey goes to Sandra’s house and tells the well-placed fib that firemen’s infrared cameras record everything that happens on their runs, it’s revealed that the necklace was "found" by Sandra. It "fell" in the heat register. The firemen are off the hook. Read More...


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