The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Crying and Lying

Happy holidays! I am currently at my in-laws' house, so this week I had to watch this episode on a TV that still has a cathode ray tube. I have also been drinking since 4 p.m., so I’m trying to figure out if I actually watched Walter SPRING TO LIFE this week or if it was a fever dream brought on by rum.

This is our last episode in Anguilla, and it picked up where it left off, with Kenya twirling away from the massive fight she had with Porsha. When the rest of the group walks back to where Porsha is sitting, she asks if they "took out the trash." This fight has officially put me in the awkward position of agreeing with the otherwise-batshit-cuckoo Kenya; while I’m sure Porsha’s feelings were hurt by the charity fiasco a few episodes ago, she constantly comes at Kenya with classist, ageist nonsense, making her argument sound perpetually immature. Cynthia says she is surprised the fight got so "crunk," but agrees that if Porsha came at her with some of the things she said to Kenya, it would make her want to fight, too. Back in her room, Kenya is describing the fight to Walter, explaining that Porsha called her a tramp, and that she is a Barbie who fights back. "If you want to call me ghetto? That makes me Detroit Barbie!" She goes on to explain that she has opened the door for Porsha to try to become relevant, and how crucial she is to the trajectory of history. "Obama, Clinton, Kennedy — I’m a part of HISTORY." Please remember this statement for later in the episode; the fact that the synapses in Kenya’s brain are not firing simultaneously is crucial to understanding a fight she has with Walter. Kenya Moore: Just As Historically Important As President Obama™. Read More...


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