Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere: Pen-Trake Guy

Favorite scenes from last night's Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere:

1) Dr. Army and Christina gazing into each other's eyes, ending with a total mackdown daddy of a kiss behind closed blinds.

2) Old Meredith and Christina flash-forward after the "Kharmacly Impaled" Christina told Meredith she and Derek will not work out!!! OMG that was fabulously creative

3) "What's going on? Where am I? Somebody help me?"

4) "I'm carrying your child"

5) Bernadette Peters, Kathy Baker, Marriette Hartly

6) Izzy's Dream about Denny walking her to the dance. I love Denny so much!

Things I didn't like:

1) Lexie sniffing George...what is the deal with bff's falling in love with George. This happens to him every time. Maybe he's going to come out gay on the show too?

2) The #12 Storyline, especially with the Chief screaming at Derek about Meredith having too much latitude.

3) Alex and Izzy fighting, again. Haven't we been down this road?

What was your favorite or least-favorite Grey's moment? Did I get any of this wrong?



Large newrachelimage
Sep 26, 2008 3:02PM EDT

I am with you on your dislike #2. That was totally out of left field that the hospital is all of a sudden "bad" and I felt like the chief's inspiring "you guys have been slacking" speech was just weird...because there was never any hint of that before. Similarly, the icing thing to prevent paralysis seemed so was such a bout of luck that it worked out and he didn't die.
Adding to the dislikes...Meredith is as insufferable as ever. Christina is impaled by an icicle and yet she is still rambling on about herself...
Also...the Rose "I'm pregnant with your baby...just kidding" was such false adverting (though I am ecstatic that she is not pregnant with his baby).

Default avatar cat
Sep 26, 2008 3:13PM EDT

I absolutely loved the part between Christina and Dr. Hunt, when she's in the room complaining about her stupid interns. They get out to search for someone "with a brain", Dr. Hunt walks in, stares deeply into Christina's eyes, it's all perfect... and POW!"Haaa! That's my icicle!""Yeah...""You took out my icicle! ... I didn't give you permission to do that!""SO?"Hilarious.
Though, I did hate the whole "I'm carrying your child" part. So useless. But I'm seriously wondering... Maybe she said she was kidding because she saw that he was shocked? Maybe she really IS pregnant with Derek's child.

Large newrachelimage
Sep 26, 2008 3:22PM EDT

I almost forgot...I think my favorite and least favorite part all rolled into one was the preview for next week's flood episode, which looks like the most ridiculous episode of Grey's ever (and I mean ridiculous in a bad way)!

Default avatar cat
Sep 26, 2008 5:21PM EDT

Kind of funny the off-voice kept talking about reality. I mean it was far too idealistic that the doctors at "Seattle Grace" kind of symbolised medical gods. Failing in the ranking makes them look human to me and makes the story realistic and compelling. The idea of the once best facility falling so low is however pretty hard to swallow since Shepherd and Mer pulled off a remarkable success in an experiment.I'm a medical student, I agree that there are guys in my field who have an encyclopaedia implanted in their brain, but hey, Dr. Yang freaked me out and realising she can also fail kind of reassured me I'm not a failure just because I couldn't rap like Dr. Yang. In all, the show took on something human last night and I think that's good.
Yet I hate this Dr. Army guy taking possession of Dr. Yang. How dare he come from no where and play hero-boy? I was so thrilled by the flashforward of Mer and Chris that I want them to be a couple. I guess that will not be asking too much since we already have a gay couple. Chris probably loves Mer and cannot stand her getting along with Shepherd? That would hit this titanic show like an iceberg.
All in all, I think this seasons reopenings got a bit lame; not just Grey's, but House too.

Default avatar cat
Sep 26, 2008 11:25PM EDT

Oh man, I didn't expect this premiere to be as good as it was! I liked when Christina called the army dude hot, very great comedic moment!

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