Merlin Series 5 Finale Review “Diamond of the Day – Part 2? — The End.

My favourite thing about Christmas is, without a doubt, the television specials. While many people are probably preparing to be wowed by the Doctor Who Xmas special tomorrow, I’m already willing to bet that Merlin‘s ‘Diamond of the Day – Part 2? was the highlight of the Beeb’s Christmas schedule.

I apologise now for the length of this review, but it is a series finale. Grab a leftover mince pie, settle in and let’s take a look at the last ever episode of Merlin.

I had my doubts before the episode aired, dear reader. I wanted Merlin to go to the battle as youngMerlin, I lamented that there wasn’t more time for Arthur to react to the reveal, and, perhaps most importantly, I assumed that there was no way the series would kill Arthur. Sure, it happens in the legend, but Merlin wasn’t known for sticking firmly to the source materials. Heck, it was usually a fluke when the show did. (FYI, it pains me to write about Merlin in the past tense.) Read More...


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