Underemployed Season 1 Review “The Confession”

Firstly, this review is coming to you late due to a mixture of Christmas festivity and MTV’s strange scheduling decisions regarding Underemployed. The show has been inordinately messed around over the past few weeks, with the network moving it around willy nilly, first from Tuesday nights to Saturdays, and then from one week to the next. ‘The Confession’, thus, managed to get lost in the holiday shuffle, which is a shame, because it might be one of the strongest installment of the show so far.

I’ve made no secret of my disappointment over how the show has sometimes squandered it’s potential to depict a stage of life not seen often enough, but the group’s career situations, as well as their relationship statuses, all come to a head in this episode. Lou and Raviva lay all of their mistakes out on the table, Daphne and Miles are finally honest with each other, and Sofia gets on with writing her novel at long last. It’s too bad that said novel is almost destroyed when a breast milk spillage lands on her computer. Here’s a lesson to all writers out there – back up your work! Read More...



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