The Mob Doctor Season 1 Review “Sibling Rivalry” – Brett’s Brother And A Horse Need Help

As I’m writing up this review of The Mob Doctor episode "Sibling Rivalry," it’s T-minus 2 hours until 2013. Writing about The Mob Doctor on such an occasion is interesting, since this show now feels like it’s in the past but still stubbornly clinging on to life in 2013.

Let’s run through this rather succinctly, starting with the first plot of this episode:

Assassination plot: Constantine was given a box of champagne. It turns out to be rigged. Constantine goes through his list of cohorts to figure out who might have wanted him dead. Constantine figures out one of the people he used to work with back in the day, Jimmy Needles, sent him the gift. But who does Jimmy work for? After being tortured, Jimmy leads Constantine to whom I believe is the mobster Constantine had cut a deal with about supplying gaming machines. Constantine makes a surprise visit to the mobster’s house, shooting who I’m assuming is a bodyguard-type person. Anyway, Constantine corners his gaming machine supplier to see if he was the one who wanted him dead. Turns out it was the dealer’s brother who wanted to get over on Constantine. After finding that out, Constantine quickly shoots him dead right in front of the dealer. However, the dealer doesn’t act like he just saw his own brother get killed; instead, he wants to stay in good with Constantine, agreeing to bury his own brother in the backyard. Read More...


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