Alex Under Contract with CBS

Has any one else heard that Alex is under contract with CBS so even if CW pics up Moonlight, Alex can't reprise his role as Mick St. John because he is under contract with CBS? This is such crap!



Default avatar cat
May 18, 2008 8:44PM EDT

im pretty sure CBS is part of the CW.

Default avatar cat
May 19, 2008 9:03PM EDT

I don't know exactly how that stuff works, but even if CBS is just selling the show to the CW, I imagine the purchase of an entire show doesn't come cheap. Relatively speaking, the worth of his contract probably pales in comparison to the entire cost of the show. So in theory, why wouldn't CBS just buy out his contract in order to help facilitate the sale? Sure, they might be taking a small loss, but the show obviously doesn't perform to their standards in the ratings, so what else are they going to do with it? Let it collect dust...
This is speaking from a logical business model sense, which I'm assuming is what drives networks, but I could be entirely wrong.

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