MAD MEN Drinking Game

I obviously had nothing to do at work today, so I came up with the MAD MEN Drinking Game.

To play the game you need the following:

1 Decanter filled with Scotch, Bourbon, or Whiskey

Set of highball glasses

Ice (optional)

Step 1: Game Preparation

If you like ice in your drink, place 2-3 cubes into a highball, otherwise drink like a man and leave the ice to the women

Liberally pour your choice of liquor into glasses for you and your pals

Gather the kidds around the TV and watch MAD MEN.

Step 2: Playing the Game

You should drink anytime you see or hear any of the following:

Racial Slurs

Witness Sexual Harassment in the workplace

Gossip about a Divorcee

Flashback to World War II

Pete pouts

Peggy falls in love

Someone has an affair

A tragedy occurs (Example: Nixon looses, a plane crashes, someone has a heart attack)

Betts ignores the vibrant woman alive within trying to break out

Someone orders a pretentious entree (Example: Vichyssoise, Oysters)

Any time the boys drink to a brilliant idea

Joan flirts

Joan acts like a Mean Girl

One of the office girls is caught crying in the lady's

Betts has a doctor's appointment

Feel free to Add your own to the list...



Large newrachelimage
Aug 8, 2008 5:20PM EDT

jackieu0225 you have dazzled me with your creativity!

Aug 8, 2008 5:25PM EDT

How about every time Betty tries to "subtly" get Don to admit he's having affairs? This whole Don trying to be the good boy thing can't last long... might as well enjoy the tension while it lasts! (aka forever!)

Default avatar cat
Aug 10, 2008 6:42PM EDT

Good one, Kendra! She does do that often enough to have a drink! I also thought to add any time Rachel tells Don he's sexist, whether at dinner, drinks or around the conference room table. In any case, I'll be watching tonight with my decanter of scotch in hand. Cheers!

Large jempurple
Aug 10, 2008 11:04PM EDT

I would probably get alcohol poisoning 1/2 way through an episode.

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