'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Donkey Booty and Kenya's Idiot Boyfriend

The ladies are back from paradise and have returned to reality. And nobody needs a taste of reality more than Kenya right now. Kenya and NeNe sit down for lunch to rehash the trip. NeNe gets real and I just love her to pieces for it. She tries to get Kenya to see how her expectations of Walter while on the trip were pushed to an unfair and unrealistic level. Even though from what I've seen, the man is misleading, especially since he knows he's dealing with a woman that wants to get married and have one million babies, like, yesterday. 

Yams and Babies

Over to Porsha's where Cynthia and Kandi are over for some pie and champagne. Porsha talks about her baby-making goals and her hope for twins. Here's where it gets awesome. Porsha apparently googled 'twins' or 'how to make twins' or maybe something more hilarious, and she stumbled upon an article about a village in Africa where 80% of the women gave birth to twins after sticking to a diet that consisted mostly of yams. Somebody over at Google deserves a high-five for that one. Kandi immediately points out that since it was just a small village, wouldn't that mean that the twins would come from genetics? Not yams? Porsha seems confused. Let's move on...



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