BSG Final Episodes: Three Hour Finale Announced

There was an interview conference call this week with Ron Moore and David Eick, and many bloggers have been reporting on it in bits and pieces. Here's a bunch of nifty highlights from various sources including Cinema Blend's full transcript of the call...

* The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA season 4 finale will indeed be three hours long. SciFi is still working out how to air those 3 hours on their schedule. There are apparently plans to air the entire three hours all together at least once.

* Other projects Moore is working on right now include CAPRICA, VIRTUALITY, and new drafts of the THE THING movie. Moore says he'll be bouncing back and forth between CAPRICA and THE THING. Both Eick and Moore both list CAPRICA as top on their current to-do list.

* BSG: THE PLAN and CAPRICA do not have air dates planned yet, but THE PLAN is shot and is being edited now.

* Moore had this to say about CAPRICA:

We start shooting probably in July, we're putting the writing staff together now and the crew, and just staffing up and getting ready to go. We'll start breaking stories probably in February, and maybe as soon as the end of the month depending on when all the pieces go together. We have a game plan of what the general storyline is and some directions so we're not starting completely from scratch.

Someone asked Moore if, out of all the theories he's read out there, has anyone been right? He said there are definitely some spot-on theories, but he hasn't seen anyone who's nailed the whole thing down. TO READ MORE FROM MOORE AND THE WHOLE TRANSCRIPT CLICK HERE


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Jan 12, 2009 2:43PM EST

three hour finale? oh my gods.

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